Available Resources

WhyQuit.com is a site developed by John Polito, who later incorporated much of Joel Spitzer’s quit smoking materials and philosophies in smoking cessation techniques. The WhyQuit site is designed to encourage smokers to quit and to help motivate kids to recognize the importance of never starting to smoke.

YouTube Channel
Video lessons covering the materials taught in Joel’s Stop Smoking Clinics.

Supplemental Resource Materials for YouTube Videos

Freedom from Nicotine
Anyone with Internet access can read and get a real understanding of the nicotine addiction and how to treat it by utilizing the articles and reading through the quitting experiences of the over 7,000 members who were cold turkey quitters.

Quit Smoking Tip Sheet
Videos related to my basic “How to quit smoking tip sheet”

Can you spare an hour and a half to help to save your life
Basic videos to watch that can enhance your ability to successfully quit smoking

Video explaining Why my resources are free