Online Support

I started sharing my materials on the Internet in 2000. I had written almost 100 articles that I used to send to my clinic graduates to help to reinforce concepts they learned in the Stop Smoking Clinic. I donated these letters and gave permission to many different sites to help people looking for information on quitting smoking. Many of the letters were basically sitting in mothballs and the Internet gave them a new life and seems to be a natural outlet for them to continue to help people to quit smoking. Most of the letters are now compiled in a free e-book that can be downloaded by clicking on the book graphic below.

Most of my time now is spent helping people quit through my work at and via my active online support on my YouTube channel.

In all of the programs I have run and to all of the people I reach online I am just trying to get out the life saving message that avoid the danger associated with smoking is as simple as never starting to smoke in the first place, and if you do smoke, the way to minimize future risks is to quit smoking and then to stay free by making and sticking to a personal commitment to never take another puff!

Link to video Never Take Another Puff